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    Timeline Patriacrchs Exile


      Traditional Jews believe that the world was created years ago. In the years since creation there have been some very significant events in Jewish History. There are many ways to break down different eras. Focusing as a researcher of genealogy, perhaps one way is to divide the timeline into three significant periods:

      1. The World Before - The period of Genesis, up to the time our forefather Abraham entered the land of Israel.
      2. The Land of Israel - The period of time from the Covenant Between the Parts until the end of the Second Temple Era.
      3. Exile - The period of time from the destruction of the Second Temple until the present day.
      See the timeline page for greater detail.

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      Research Methodology

      Research Methodology

        Research benefits from following consistent and proven methodologies. Read further to learn about the ways others have learned to perform their research.

        The cases cited include:

        • Naturalization records
        • Leveraging GENI to expand your tree, while still remaining true to the Standard of Genealogical Proof
        • 1908-1938 Index to 3-page NYC Marriage Application, Affidavit & License

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        Standards Avotaynu


          Gary Mokotoff put in considerable research and effort in 2008 to propose a list of standards for the Jewish genealogical community. This is obvious to anyone that read the article in Avotaynu (Volume XXIV, Number 3 Fall 2008). As was the case with GEDCOM, which has not seen uniform adoption of a major release since 1996, no significant adoption of these proposed standards was enacted. Perhaps our community is now both mature enough and large enough to adopt some of these recommendations and reap the benefits.

          Gary's list of proposed standards focused on:

          • General Standards
          • Names of people
          • Dates
          • Place names

          URL ~ see the Society considerations for Standards

          Rabbinical Genealogy

          Researchers of Specific Rabbinical Lines

            Links to websites of significance to specific rabbinic genealogies, and contact lists for those researching them.

            There is also link to a Biblical, sourced descendent tree starting with Adam ("אדם הראשון") in Modified Register format.

            URL ~ Rabbinical Genealogy Research

            URL ~ Rabbinic Genealogy SIG sponsored by JewishGen

            Yad Vashem YadPOT Avotaynu

            Documenting Victims of the Holocaust

              Holocaust victims were more than just numbers, they were people; parents and children, entire multi-generational families. Help the future remember them. Submit Pages of Testimony to Yad Vashem. Let the Society show you how to document victims directly from your genealogy software.

              URL ~ Document victims of the Holocaust

              NY Metro Cemeteries

              NY Metro Cemeteries Online

                See a list of known indexes for cemetery interments on line in the NY Metro area.

                URL ~ NY Metro Cemeteries Online

                Web Reports

                New Report Formats for the Web

                  Web reports

                  Do you want to propose a new report standard? Share your ideas, see how easy it is.

                  URL ~ Web Report using CSS and HTML5


                  Hinei MaTov

                    Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together!

                    Do you want to explore the culture, traditions and customs of your ancestors? To experience life firsthand in the same cultural setting with the a family that observes those traditions and customs, whether it be Sephardic, Chassidic, Litvish, etc? Contact the Society for more detail.

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