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Genealogy Reports

With the capabilities of the web, it is now possible to utilize additional visual cues when creating family history reports. The developer is no longer bound by technological or financial constraints when considering report designs. Color printing, and surely the use of color on the web, are easy to achieve.

Proposed New Webpage Report

Using font-size, font-weight and color, it is possible to create a page that covers all descendants of a single individual, to the fourth generation, plus the parents of the immediate subject, in a clean and easy to understand way.

CSS and a Web Implementation

See a sample rendering of such a page:


A standard ODT report can be utilized to create this web page. The CSS allows for the following:

  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Links
  • Font Weight
  • Font Color
  • Indentation/Layout
  • Pictures
  • Foreign Characters

The basic tags in the CSS are gen1, gen2, gen3 and gen4. Please review and comment.

URL ~ sample HTML

URL ~ underlying CSS

. . . <div class="gen3"> <span class="givenName">Pesach Dovid</span> (c. 1810 - c.1872) married Chana Rita Schwartz/Weinberger. Initially they lived in the Malcov area of Slovakia. Sometime in the 1860's (1862?) the family moved to Galicia, perhaps Gorlice or Nowy Sacz. They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Of them, six are known. </div> <div class="gen4"> Raphael Meyer, Shabsi Yitzchok, Basha Diamant, Yuska, R' Naftali, Shlomo, & 4 others. </div> . . . . . . .gen3 { font-size : 16px; border: none; margin-top: 10px; margin-left: 70px; list-style: circle; list-style-position: outside; display:list-item; } .gen3:after { content:"\a"; } .gen3 .givenName { color: Blue; font-weight: bold; } . . .