Years of Jewish History

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In what year was the world created? There is a debate recorded in the Talmud regarding when the world was created (see Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Rosh Hashana 10b - 11a). Rabbi Eliezer is of the opinion that it was created in Tekufas (season of) Tishrei and Rabbi Yehoshua is of the opinion it was created in Tekufas (season of) Nissan.
0130 Adam fathers Seth.

See the commentaries for the connection between the birth of Seth and the death of Cain.
From Adam to Noah: 10 Generations
Days of Enosh It was during the days of Enosh that the people were led astray to worship idolatry. See Maimonides' commentary ...
Na'ama Who was Na'ama, wife of Noah? There are two opinions:
As early as 130
She may have been the daughter of ...
1056 Noah is born. Noah married Na'ama. Initially they did not have any children ... From Noah to Abraham: 10 Generations
1536 Noah begins construction of the Ark/span> Why did the ark take Noah 120 years to construct? The commentaries explain that ...
1656 The Flood The flood began as a gentle rain. This was in when Noah was 600, "in the second month, on the seventeenth day" (Genesis 7:11-12)...
1948 Abraham is born to Terah and Amasloi (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Basra 91a.). Ten years later Sarah is born to Haran, brother of Abraham. From Abraham to King David: 13 Generations
1996 Dispersion This time period is referred to as "The Dor Haflaga" (Generation of Dispersion). The tower of Babal was built in an effort to reach the heavens ...
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2018 Covenant Between the Parts
ברית בין הבתרים
When Abraham arrived in the Holy Land for the first time, G-d revealed to him: "to give you this land to inherit it" (Genesis 15:7)
"(לתת לך את הארץ הזאת לרשתה (בראשית טו:ז"
This is the original and first source where G-d assigns the Land of Israel to the Jewish nation.
This is 430 years before the Exodus (see Exodus 12:40).
2048 Isaac is born 400 years before the Exodus.
2108 Jacob is born. He father's the twelve tribes.
2238 Descent to Egypt Jacob's 70 family members go down to Egypt. This is ...
2448 Exodus On the 15th of Nissan the enslavement of the Jewish people ends with the Exodus. 7 days later, at the "ים סוף" (Reed Sea) the Jews, surrounded by the Egyptian army, experience the miracle of "קריעת ים סוף" - splitting of the sea, where all the Egyptians perish.
2542 Pre-Temple Period This time period included the rule of Joshua and the Elders (Zekaeinim), followed by the period of the Judges and culminating with the period of Samuel the Prophet. The period ends with the destruction of the tabernacle (Mishkan) in Shiloh.
Kings There was a period of 24 kings, beginning with the short rule of King Saul (and his son) of the tribe of Benjamin. This was followed by the Davidic Dynasty. From King Solomon: 18 Generations
The First Temple The building of the First Temple commenced in the fourth year of King Solomon's reign. It stood for 410 years (See the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Arachin, 12a - 13a).
The Ten Tribes The split of the monarchy into two kingdoms occurred at the beginning of King Rehoboam, son of Solomon. The rule of the ten tribes lasted for about 242 years. The Exile of the Ten Tribes The Ten Tribes were exiled in three consecutive periods:
Exile I (3187): Assyrian King Tiglath-pileser exiles Zebulun & Naftali
Exile II (3195): Assyrian King Pul exiles Reuben, Gad & ½ Manasseh
Exile III (3206): Assyrian King Shalmaneser exiles balance of 10 tribes
3213 Sennacherib, king of Assyria (Ashur) and his mighty armies are decimated by Divine intervention outside of Jerusalem on the eve of Passover, in the fourteenth year of King Hezekiah's reign. At that time, many of the ten tribes (from the Assyrian exile) returned to Jerusalem to be under King Hezekiah's protection.
3303 The Prophet Jeremiah retrieves the ten tribes and the Jubilee (Yovel) cycles are continued. At that time Josiah was king over all Israel, those who returned from the ten tribes through Jeremiah (see commentary of Rashi to II Kings 23:19).
Exile and Destruction of the First Temple King Jehoiakim [Elyakim] commenced his rule in 3317. After ruling 4 years, he was subjugated to Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king. In 3327 there was the first exile, known as the exile of "the cheresh & the masger (החרש והמסגר)". Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem and ...
3404 The miracle of Purim occurs.
The Second Temple In 3390, at the commencement of Cyrus the Persian's rule, he issued a proclamation encouraging the Jews to return to the Holy Land and rebuild the Temple. In 3391, Zerubavel, leader of the Jews, had barely begun rebuilding ...
Chanukah There are varying opinions as to when Chanukah occurred, but it was sometime between 3590 and 3621.
3828 Destruction of Second Temple

The Babylonian Talmud (Arachin 12a - 13a) discusses the duration of the Second Temple and the year it was destroyed.

3893 The failed Bar Kochba Rebellion marks the end of Jewish rule in the Holy Land for the next 1800 years.

The Bar Kochba Revolt

Period of the Tanaaim After the destruction of the Temple, the High Court (סנהדרין) moved from place to place in the Holy Land, mostly to avoid Roman persecution.
Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi Codifies the Mishna. It is 1500 years after receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. This marks the end of the period.
Period of the Amoraim For the next 285 years the leading rabbinical authorities in Babylon work on codifying the Talmud.
The Babylonian Talmud is completed.
4235 - 4348 Period of the Savoraim This short era marked the period of final amendments to the Talmud, as well as the assembly of the minor tractates (מסכתות קטנות), normally printed at the end of Seder Nezikin in the Talmud. These include over a dozen works, such as Avos d'Rav Nuson.
4349 - 4800 Period of the Gaonim With the re-opening of the center of higher study (מתיבתא) in Pumpedisa, Babylon became the center of Jewish life. This remained the status quo for the next several centuries. The end of this period is marked with the passing of R' Hai Gaon in 4798.
Period of the Rishonim This period is marked by the birth of Rashi in 1040. The end of this period is recognized as either in 5252 (1492 CE) with the expulsion of Jews from Spain, or 5408 with the massacres perpetrated by Chmielnitzki and his Cossacks.

Rashi - R' Shlomo Yitchaki Rambam or Maimonides - R' Moshe ben Maimon

Period of the Achronim This is the current period. Two main figures in the portion of this period after the Chmielnitzki massacres of 5408 - 09, born about 20 years apart, are the Vilna Gaon and the Bal Shem Tov (founder of the Hassidic movement).

The BESHT - Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman, known as the Vilna Gaon or Elijah of Vilna

5684 Studied each day by Jews of many different backgrounds, the Daf Hayomi cycle is something that unifies all Jews across ...
5693 - 5705
 Child Survivors
This very dark period in the history of the Jews came to be known as the Holocaust or Shoah in Hebrew. During this period the Nazis and their collaborators systematically exterminated Jews across Europe. About 6 million Jews perished during this time and vibrant Jewish life in Eastern Europe came to an end.
5708 The State of Israel was founded 1815 years after the Bar Kochba rebellion.

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