What We Do

The Society is dedicated to encouraging members with all aspects related to the research of Jewish genealogy. One focus the Society is emphasizing is the research of Biblical & Rabbinical ancestry. The Society can advise members regarding the documentation of Holocaust victims. The Society will post unique information from Yiddish and Hebrew web-based resources.

Why Do You Need a Society If You Can Just Research Everything From Your Home?

Those who do not want the benefit of fellowship, collaboration, developing new initiatives or just helping & sharing with others are not ideal candidates for Society membership. If you want to benefit yourself by benefiting others, consider membership. Even if you are just starting out you can help others. Everyone has strengths and experience in other non-genealogy areas. Consider joining.

Helping Others

The Society's guiding principle is helping others. This is accomplished in two ways:

  • The Society is dedicated to assisting its members with their Jewish genealogical pursuits.
  • The Membership is dedicated to assisting others with their Jewish genealogical pursuits. The Society does ensure that its members are giving back to the genealogical community by making it a condition of membership renewal. All members must demonstrate on an annual basis some way (even small) that they enriched or assisted the overall Jewish genealogical community, in order to remain a member in good standing.

What We Do Not Do

The Society itself does not perform actual research on behalf of its membership. The Society does recommend best practices and does point out resources. The Society encourages its members to assist each other.