Our Approach

The Society strives to encourage researchers to:

  • offer assistance and share their resources
  • publish their material
  • create and uphold unified standards for data input unique to the field of Jewish genealogy
  • consolidate an early historical (Biblical) tree to which researchers may contribute
  • propose, design and implement new tools in the field of technology, to aid or enhance the research of genealogy
  • design and conduct surveys to better understand the needs of the overall Jewish genealogical community
  • demonstrate tolerance of alternate opinions, traditions or conclusions of underlying data
  • agree to disagree on the subject matter, not with each other
  • create an environment of harmony and solidarity within the diversity of the Society's membership

It is the hope of the Society that by blending the focus of the group it will attract and enable a diversity of family researchers. It should be possible for interested researchers to participate in the Society even without web-access.