Do you want to be a member of the Board?

Tell the Society why your presence on the Board will lead to a better Society. Complete the application and submit it.

If you have not yet become a regular member, please complete and submit a application membership form.

The Society needs individuals committed to promoting its guiding ideas and principles. If you think that might be you please apply. The Society is actively looking for volunteers with interest in genealogy and expertise in the following area(s):

  • Social Media - in order to
    1. Post to online forums, soliciting applicants for the following board member positions
    2. Review online social media forums in English and Yiddish for material relevant to the Jewish genealogical community not yet posted in any JewishGen related forums (such as references in iVelt)
    3. Must read/write English and Yiddish (Hebrew would also be a plus)
  • Web design (HTML and CSS) - both for website maintenance and for new types of Genealogy Reports for use on the web
  • Standards (Technology) - review all commercially available programs in the USA and advise on the one(s) that would conform to all the recommended standards for a Jewish genealogist
  • Standards (Rabbinical) - categorize and post all Hebrew given names and their appropriate spellings, with included variations. The individual should be familiar with Halacha (Jewish law) pertaining to marriage contracts and divorce. The resulting list would be posted on the Society's website in Hebrew and English.
  • Content - review and approve the pages of the website for content and clarity
  • צופרידן - עמעצער צו אָפּשאַצונג די ענגליש וועבזייַטל און גער עס צו ייִדיש
  • תוכן - מישהו לסקור את האתר באנגלית ולהמיר אותו לעברית
  • Biblical Tree - well-versed in the Torah & commentaries and can review and enhance the existing Biblical tree, names spelled in both Hebrew and English, properly sourced. When necessary, include variant opinions and alternate timelines.
  • Technology Initiatives - report on and propose technology initiatives that can benefit the Jewish genealogy community.