Langsam/Miller/Spira/Ekstein Genealogy

Pesach פסח Langsam (1748 - Nov 2, 1820) married Ita and lived in Jawornik Polski, Galicia (near Blazowa & Dynow). Six known children lived to adulthood.
Avrohm Aba Miller אברהם אבא (c.1765 - c.1848) had 3 known sons. He lived in Lenartov/Malcov, Slovakia.
Yakov Mylech (1784 - 1860's) was born in Lenartov, Slovakia. He lived in Obrucna, Slovakia, was married twice, and had children from both wives. 9 of his children are known.
Shabsi, Zlate, Chaskel, Rozi, Mira, Anna, Rezi, Kasalin (Rivka?), & Salamon
Pesach Dovid (c. 1810 - c.1872) married Chana Rita Schwartz/Weinberger. Initially they lived in the Malcov area of Slovakia. Sometime in the 1860's (1862?) the family moved to Galicia, perhaps Gorlice or Nowy Sacz. They had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Of them, six are known.
Raphael Meyer, Shabsi Yitzchok, Basha Diamant, Yuska, R' Naftali, Shlomo, & 4 others.
Yisroel Yitzchok (1816 - c.1891) of Lenartov, Slovakia, married Gittel and had 3 known children.
Usher Zelig, Sora Roiza Lauer, & Avrohm
R' Dovid Dovid married Esther (Esther) of Manastryza, Poland, and they had at least one son.
Pesach (1823 - 1928) was born in Bircza. He married at least 2 times; first to Fayga and then to Beila Feit/Rein. He had 12 known children, 6 from each marriage. Pesach passed away in either Jawornik or Szklary, both in Poland, at the age of 105.
R' Sholem, R' Shimon, Nacha, R' Meir, Ita Adest, Sarah Drucker, Reisel, Naum, Nina Schneid, Abraham, Chaya, & boy (Moshe?)